I have two beautiful girls who unfortunately were both born with severe tongue tie that made breastfeeding incredibly painful.  I was never able to successfully breastfeed our first girl even after several months seeing multiple doctors.  Needless to say when I had our second I was one determined mama to help her figure out breastfeeding, and quickly!  We were so fortunate to have Danelle as our midwife for both of our girls.  We are so comfortable with her, and completely trust her judgment in caring well for our little ones. After having our second baby's tongue tie surgically revised, she was still sucking incorrectly and our doctor recommended Craniosacral Therapy.  To my great delight, Danelle was able to step right in as our baby's therapist.  What a blessing it was to have someone so skilled available to work on our tiny baby.  In her therapy sessions I was able to hold and nurse my baby as needed, although she was so relaxed most of the time during treatment (not the norm for my cranky baby) we rarely needed to nurse.  The difference after each session in her ability to suck correctly with no pain for me was astounding!  After just a handful of sessions she was latching and sucking well successfully. I was able to breastfeed her for a whole year. I can't recommend Danelle enough! ~Corey

Danelle has been supporting my whole family through tough times and a more sedentary life style that we've had this past year. Her skilled massage abilities as well as  craniosacral work is helping my 14 year old son, myself and my husband return to a more balanced and deeply nourished place. Each of us having our own independent mix of mental, emotional, physical needs; she has been able to meet each of us exactly where we need it. Danelle is an integral part of our healthcare team. ~Amanda

Our family LOVES Danelle. My six week old daughter had horrible reflux and tummy issues, and went three days straight without sleeping more than 45 minutes at a time. After just one visit with Danelle she slept five hours straight! We see Danelle as often as we can and our girl is like a brand new baby every time. Even my skeptic husband can’t believe how much it helps. She also encapsulated my placenta after our daughter was born and I can’t say enough about how helpful it was during the postpartum hormonal roller coaster. ~Middy

Danelle has greatly improved my quality of life. She combines massage and craniosacral therapy in a truly unique and deeply therapeutic way—her approach has reduced chronic neck, head and sinus pain I've lived with since my early teens by over 70%, something I truly did not think possible. I'm very grateful, and highly recommend her to anyone who struggles with pain in their daily life. ~Jessica

Cranio-sacral massage is something that was able to benefit me before I became pregnant.  During pregnancy and especially nearing the end the customized treatment and massage helped me feel better from week to week before delivery.  It was also fun to continue with appointments after delivery and incorporate my infant daughter while breastfeeding.  This type of massage benefits mothers at any stage. ~Rebeca

Danelle has been performing cranio on my daughter since she was a newborn.  Danelle has helped with tight muscles/movement restrictions as well as breastfeeding issues. She is so caring and gentle, and Layla adores her (as do I). ~Natalie

My reason for choosing Living Nourish is the genuine care Danelle has for my well being and her expertise to help.  After a concussion, I received craniosacral therapy.  The treatment enabled me to handle lights and noise and resulted in less headaches and dizzy spells.  Danelle creates an amazing relaxed environment allowing rest. ~Angie