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Placenta encapsulation is the process of drying, powdering, and packing placenta into capsules for ingestion in the postpartum period.  Possible benefits of this practice include supporting healthy moods, boosting energy, encouraging milk supply, and nurturing overall postpartum health. 
Scientific, anectdotal, and cultural evidence shows placenta ingestion may increase milk production, balance moods, decrease bleeding and elevate energy in the postpartum period. 
Preparation Process:
The placenta is prepared with a traditional Chinese medicine method, removing the membranes and draining the blood.  The placenta is next gently steamed, which turns it into a "warming food," considered energy building in traditional Chinese medicine.  I can add warming lemon, ginger, and/or hot pepper to the steaming placenta for extra energy boost at the client's request.  After steaming, the placenta is dehydrated, powdered and encapsulated.  Each placenta yields about 75 to 125 capsules, depending on the size.  If kept refrigerated, the pills can last almost indefinitely and be used after the immediate postpartum for energy boosting and mood balancing.
Morning is the best time to take the pills, and most mothers take 1-2 capsules but can take up to 8 per day.
Adverse Effects:
Some women have reported negative effects from ingesting placenta pills, including hormonal migraines, anxiety, or insomnia. If you have any negative side effects you should discontinue immediately.  Complaints resolve quickly after discontinuing the capsules.

Certain infections or medications

Abnormalities in placenta

Maternal Smoking


Research and more information:


Placenta Prints

I also offer placenta prints, a lovely keepsake made with your placenta on watercolor paper.  The umbilical cord can be curved in different shapes, leaving the impression of a tree. This represents the "Tree of Life," as the placenta is often referred to because of its function and appearance.  

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